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Bucharest Tales (1)

Posted: April 29, 2013 in City Breaks

I was born here. I’m happy for that. And I say it because I can’t stop thinking of all the people in the world born in so hush environments, so poor countries. I know it must sound like I am running for Miss Universe, but we should all find resources to be as happy as possible. So, I’m happy I’m “Buchurestian”!

This city is like any other city I suppose, with “goods and bads” like Romanians say. I think it is easy to find a lot of stuff good or bad about Bucharest as in the end it is the capital of a country of ab. 20 million people, right? How I see it: very lively, emerging, changing from day to day, effervescent, growing, improving. Its top attraction point in the last years was the ever changing historical center of the Bucharest “Old City” which became such a crazy spot for night life that is  rapidly insufficient for hosting so many people. In the last years it looks more and more similar with “Amsterdam during weekends” or with Dublin’s Temple Bar area.

If you visit Bucharest don’t miss the chance to stroll and take pictures in its parks: the old Cismigiu park, set officially in 1854, or in the huge park & lake Herastrau set-up in its actual form a hundred years later in 1951. ????????????????????????????????????????


Classy Romania blogs

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

We are passionate about Romania. Period. It might not be the perfect country, its people might not be perfect (but then again, who is), but we are passionate about it.

Apart from being born here, we had the chance to visit the country more than the regular Romanian. That’s why we know Romania has something to offer to every tourist in the world. Whether it’s about city life (and city night lights), or about sightseeing, about mountains or sea, Romania has them all. If you are interested in history, in music of all sorts or spent you life as a keen wildlife photographer, there is something here for you.

Our purpose is to give you the chance to see Romania through our eyes. At least in a way. We want to show you a different country from what you read in the press. With nicer people and more civilized cities. With better services than expected and great food.

Classy Romania is an in-country travel agency founded in 2012, which plans to introduce you to the last wild corner of Europe. Wild as in untamed and fresh. Classy as in good taste, quality services at the fair price. You can always check our website or this blog for the newest offers to visit Romania.

Furthermore, when we don’t organize your next vacation, we intend to introduce you to Romania as it is, through our blog posts. Make sure you follow us here and discover something new about this country. We plan to write about good food, good wine, shopping, post exquisite photos, introduce you to places and people.

So take your time to understand the Romania we grew to love. Think The Danube Delta, Garana jazz Festival, Vama Veche, Transylvania, the churches in Maramures. Think Bucharest and Cluj, the night life, talented artists. And then come visit us at home.

Madalina & Gabriela

To all music lovers out there, clear your schedules for July 12 and 13!! We take you to Rasnov, where Ghost Gathering happens, in the Valley of the Fortress.

Ghost Gathering is about non-stream music, beautiful scenery and promoting national values. Camping can be found within the festival area or in the villas around Râșnov.

In this respect Classy Romania is the only official travel agency partner of Ghost Festival.

Hurry up and book your package:

  • 2 days Ghost festival pass
  • 2 overnights with breakfast in a 2* guest house (12 – 14 July)
  • Meet & greet your favorite band – if you book until 15th of May.

All of this with only 39 EUR/person.

Irfan, Kistvaen and Eye of Solitude are just three of the bands playing at the festival. Here is a glimpse from last year, so you can understand why you should join us at the festival.

And here is Kistvaen, preparing for July. 🙂

More details about the festival and bands can be found on festival and Cavalleria websites. Contact us to book your trip now.

Madalina & Gabriela