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Sibiu, medieval city has eyes!

Posted: August 3, 2013 in City Breaks

Is it Sibiu one of the most beautiful cities in Romania? Yes! Is it Sibiu also a medieval, well-preserved town? Yes! Was it Sibiu the Cultural Capital of an entire continent, Europe, in 2007? Yes!

Well, I think all of this is very impressive of course, but above all that I found out that Sibiu is also a very complex, lively city, where you are charmed not only by the historical buildings, churches and but also by the streets,  people, nature.

Sibiu answers all your imaginations: romantic, party opportunities (lots of great discos, bowling alleys, etc), great food at very nice restaurants, relaxing on pedestrian streets full of terraces, sporty – visiting the city by bike and making trips around town surroundings, you name it!

But did you imagine it can also be very spooky? Stroll one evening at sun set and look at all the old houses: their roof tops have eyes which are watching you as you go by! If you headed towards the Old Church, crossing the Bridge of Lies (where legend says that if you tell a lie you turn into a stone) you will reach to Casa Calfelor (the House of Apprentice) where you will be not-welcomed by a pole full of nails .. At a window you can see a human skull … Who lives there??? As you continue this route, getting down the stairs, just nearby windows you will see an exhibition of clay figurines …

Follow this trail and uncover yourself Sibiu’s mysteries!!!