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Man is not different from nature, man IS nature.

And when saying this, you realize that this is what we are all searching for during our getaways- spending time in the natural environment and enjoying its wonders.

And there is a perfect spot, in the heart of Transylvania where one can have such experiences.

The Saxon villages in Romania bring a very picturesque view to Romania, thanks to symmetry shown by the fortified churches and the beautiful houses with barns which create a second fortification. Imagine that these villages have remained almost intact since the 13th century!  Unpaved roads, village or house wells as primary water source and the scythe as the main farming instrument. This can be a normal description of such areas where traditional ceremonies, superstitions and magic charms are still performed.

HRH Prince Charles has been very attracted by these villages which are now UNESCO world heritage sites, in particular by Viscri where he has even bought a few properties and has started developing projects for the local community.

Other villages worth seeing are: Archita, Saschiz, Biertan, Prejmer, Valea Viilor or Dârjiu. You can serve a great lunch or dinner at the local inns throughout these villages. These places serve traditional Saxon and Romanian food from local production which makes the culinary experience even more pleasant!

After a day of driving through these villages, the best place to stay overnight would be in Sighișoara, the best preserved fortified town in Transylvania. This town is actually the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler and still hosts a Medieval Festival every summer.