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Maramureș (Maramu’ for friends and locals) is a region in lovely Romania which has many natural wonders and remarkable pieces of art, all linked somehow by the natural resource „wood”.

In a tiny village called Săpânța, a tourist could find an open-air museum, unique in the world. Strangely enough, The Merry Cemetery gives you lots of laughs because of the funny lyrics on the crosses which evoke the dead people’s life. The words gain life right in front of the visitors while they simply read the poems painted on colorful wooden crosses. All the drama is free in probably the only place in the entire world where death can and will make you laugh, laugh out loud.

moldova 524_wm

Moving back 100 kilometers, we found deep in the mountains, near the Borșa town and ski resort, another unique place – The Iezer Lake. Located at 1.825 m above sea level, in Rodnei National Park, its emerald color impresses any viewer as same as its form which is a surreal copy of Romanian territory. Quite impressive! We are quite sure that only Romania has a lake which borrows the country geographical form. Only two hours of hiking from Borșa’s hospital give you the opportunity to see this spectacular natural wonder.

lacul iezer muntii rodnei_wm

Back at lower altitude, we propose you to discover the religious attractions that made Maramureș a well known tourist destination. We talk about the wooden churches; astonishing sacred spaces build in very modest architectures with very tall towers. Bârsana, Ieud or Șurdești are some of the most famous wooden churches also because they are included in Unesco World Heritage. Just take a deep breath and introvert your mind!

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Above all the beauties in Maramureș style stands its queen – Mocănița. It’s a wood-burning steam locomotive which travels along the last remaining forestry railway in Europe. Hop on at Vișeu de Sus train station and embark in a journey that will lead you through an almost untouched part of Europe, the wild a romantic Vaser Valley. The adventure isn’t for free, it will cost you 45-48 RON (about 11€), depends on the season, but we guarantee you that will be worth every penny, or every “bani” in our Romanian case :D.

This is Maramureș, the land governed by wood in various and beautiful forms that will surely make you fall in love and be anxious to come back again. If not for its charming sceneries and delightful touristic sites, you will be here again, without any doubt, for its energetic traditional music which vibrates up to the sky and for the delicious meals that every hospitable local will charm your culinary tastes.

by Anda Stanciulescu, our blogger partner