About Us

About us

We are Madalina and Gabriela and we own Classy Romania.

Somewhere along the line, we stopped counting for how long we have been friends. And since they say that friendships lead to partnerships, we started ours in 2012. One morning while we were swimming (or was it an evening after one glass of Guinness?!) we came up with the idea of starting our own company. Not because we wanted to make “huge piles” of money, but because our expertise in tourism services is extensive. And we wanted to put it to good use, in and for Romania.

Here is a little something about us:


“Over 15 years experience in tourism, fluent in English and German.

I think you can’t develop a business, any business, without proper knowledge of it. Having your own company means working more than you did when you were employed, but also being connected and having more freedom. In my case, freedom (with Classy Romania) means I can do what I’ve always wanted: preparing tourist packages and promoting locations that are close to my heart, for people who are just like me. That is full of life, loving, with a sense of humor and a smile on their faces.”


“I’m more on the artistic side ” of the enterprise, with several years of design background, Gabriela started more recently in the tourism business, directly as an entrepreneur. I always wanted to start a company in which I can believe. With people I like, together with whom I can work and make work fun. That’s why I trust Classy Romania will be able to show people a different Romania. Just like I see it: classy, friendly, different. Because we invested not only our efforts in it, but also our hopes and dreams. Romania has a lot to offer (besides thieves, dogs and other deluges) and until you have your coffee on one misty morning on a porch in the Carpathian mountains, you just have to trust my word.“

Welcome to our blog!


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